Thursday, January 29, 2009

Health & HIV prevention blog

Here is a new concept (actually an old one, we tried this once before)...:
Since we have been exchanging e-mail notes about health & HIV topics and are working on various papers, let's try to frame this as a blog.

My thought is to use this both for the lab, and for the Health course as I teach it. We may also try to include others who may be interested, whether faculty or students.

We'll see if I have the energy to keep this going, but for now let's at least give it a go.

I see this as a venue to post interesting popular press pieces, links to interesting papers, materials or discussion for lab meetings, etc. I would also like to incorporate a "Wiki" to this, which will let us all collaboratively work on papers.

First item - I will post the CDC RFA for the African-American MSM project, and will put the sero-sorting paper in a wiki if I can figure out how to.

Let me know what you all think.


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